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Writer, filmmaker, and comedy performer living in Winston-Salem NC. I write fantasy, horror, flash fiction, and film/television/music reviews.
Photo by Thomas Bormans on Unsplash

“Oh my God, Lenny. You scared the hell out of me.”


“Another bad night of sleep again I guess?”


“Okay Lenny, listen I’m more than happy to have you living back here at the family home with me and I want nothing more than to give you whatever…

Shudder / The George A. Romero Foundation

Today I came to the realization that all of my grandparents are dead.

People who I thought would be with me my entire life, people who I loved, but people whose presence I took for granted, even when I did my best to fight that instinct. …

Photo by janan lagerwall on Unsplash

Everyone is frightened of something irrational.

If you ever meet someone who tells you they don’t scare easily or nothing makes them uneasy, then they’re either a liar or they aren’t looking hard enough. We all have our fears, our paranoid nightmares, the things that make our hearts race when…

Lucky / Shudder

Humanity is constantly evolving every day, and as our world changes more and more rapidly every day, the way we tell and perceive stories also changes. Some mediums and genres seem more resistant or baffled by change than others, who embrace the change head-on. So far, I think the genre…

Coming 2 America / Amazon Studios / Paramount Pictures

Death, taxes, and resurrected nostalgic properties in Hollywood (regardless of profit). Three things that can always be counted on in life, no matter what. The film in question today even takes an opportunity to clown on this notion halfway through.

It’s been thirty-three years since Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and…

Photo by Wendy Scofield on Unsplash

Wanda Lamb could think of a hundred and one places she’d rather be at this very moment.

She could be in the library, cramming in a few stories before closing time.

She could be in her living room, watching TV with mom and dad.

She could be in her basement…

The Vigil / IFC Midnight

A universal truth for the horror genre is mankind’s undisputed fear of the unknown. We don’t know what lies in the shadows. Dating back to the stone age, we don’t know what’s lying in wait for us, watching us while we sleep, when we let our guard down, and even…

I Care A Lot / Netflix

Let’s be honest, satire is probably the hardest genre to truly pull off successfully. Most masterclass examples of satire are either untouchable classics like Dr. Strangelove or fantastic pieces of work that satirized their subject so well that they tragically became enveloped into the very organism they were poking fun…

Ha ha, remember when we used to do this?
Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Honestly, what does one even begin to say about the year 2020? If you had an even marginally good time, chances are, you’re a monster. Absolutely nothing was left unscathed by the wildfire that was last year, including moviegoing. Our entire concept of moviegoing has been warped. I’m desperate to…

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

“Time to go,” said the impossibly tall man standing in the corner of Lawrence’s dressing room. Lawrence leaned back in his chair and stared down the unwelcome guest, twirling his mustache.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lawrence did his best to never take his eyes off…

Quentin Norris

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